Duration: 3 days (9:30 am - 4:30 pm) 
Provider: ACAD Solutions Sdn Bhd
Course Type: Instructor In-led Classroom


This 3-day course is aimed for students who are new to Altium Designer Software. The main objective is to enable participants to learn how to create PCB Board from scratch, starting from Schematic and PCB to fabrication outputs and documentation outputs, using Altium Designer. In Addition, students will also get to learn topics such as Creation of libraries and Multi-Sheet Design.

A recognized training certification will be presented after completion of the course as proof of their attendance to an accredited Altium Designer training.

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand Altium Designer workspace and user interface.
  • Create PCB Project from scratch
  • Create Schematic and PCB Library
  • Understand the usage of Multiple schematic sheets designs


New and moderately experienced Altium Designer users will benefit from this complete course.


  1. Getting Started - Environment, Panels, Toolbars, Menus, Design Documents, Design Project, Schematic Preferences
  2. Libraries - Library and Component Management Techniques, Integrated Libraries, Schematic Symbols & PCB Footprints
  3. Schematic Capture - Object placement and making the Connection, Schematic Grids and Cursors, Working with Graphic Objects and Electrical Objects Annotation, Global Editing, Compilation and Verify Hierarchy, Multi-sheet Design, Transfer to PCB Schematic Rules
  4. PCB - PCB User Interface and Preferences, PCB Navigation, Component Classes, Net classes Placement, Updates, Routing, Global Editing, Planes / Polygons, Layer Stack Manager, Defining the Board Shape, Grids, Rules, DRC and Resolving Design Violations
  5. Documentation - Creating a BOM, Output Types, Configuring Outputs, PCB Prints and Reports, Fabrication and Assembly Outputs

Price:  RM 2800


Altium Basic Level Training 28-30 May 2019