• Graphic Systems (PrePress)

    Colenta provide a full range of processor options, including several features, for the production of GraficArt Films, PE-printing plates and metals printing plates. This to meet the highest standards required within the prepress application. Their robust design, build quality and low maintenance requirements make them an ideal choice for use in the press environments.


    As well, Colenta Labortechnik is a potential supplier of consumables required by the Graphic Art
    Industry, the product range of the Colenta GA consumables contains:
    - Imagesetting Rapid Access Films for all Imagesetters used in the markets 4 mil / 7 mil clear and matte.
    - Hard Dot Films including the necessary Processing Chemistry.
    - Camera / Contact Darkroom Films, as well as Bright Light Negative / Positive Contact Films.
    - PS and CtP Printing Plates as well as PE-Printing Plates.
    - Processing Chemistry for Plates.

    Colenta Imageline
    GA Films

    Colenta Imageline
    GA Chemistry

    Product Details :

    Colenta ImagelinePlate CtP - Systems Online/Offline
    Colenta Imageline - Offline CtF
    Colenta Imageline CtF Online Systems
    Colenta Imageline GA Films
    Colenta Imageline GA Chemistry

  • Colenta processing equipment for Color applications

    Digital & Conventional Processing equipment for developing the highest quality images on all Photographic media.





    Colenta Studioline
    37 - 80





    Colenta Printline
    56 - 80





    Colenta Large Format
    Digital 140 to 200 NG





    PRO Filmprocessors

    Product DetailS :

    Colenta RA-Studioline Paperprocessor Type 56/68/80
    Colenta RA-Printline Processor Type 56/66/80 UNIVERSAL
    Colenta WideTrack Digital Processors 140 and 200
    Colenta Film and AERIAL Processors

  • MEDIPHOT X-Ray product range

    The Colenta Group has a world-wide reputation as the Professional Processor Manufacturer, producing equipment and systems for the developing of sensitised film and papers. Our Mediphot x-ray products are designed for the automatic developing of x-ray images and include a comprehensive range of x-ray film, chemistry consumables and support items to meet a varied range of x-ray department requirements and applications.

    Mediphot products include:

    # A comprehensive range of systems for DIGITAL X-Ray
    # A comprehensive range of automatic x-ray film processors, (including dental)
    # A comprehensive range of medical x-ray films, processing and cleaning chemistry
    # A comprehensive range of Darkroom accessories like protection garments, Cassettes Grids,
    Intensifying screens, Daylight Loading and ID camera systems, Film viewers Darkroom lamps



    DIGITAL X-Ray Systems                                                              X-Ray Processors




    X-Ray Accessories                                                                         X-Ray Consumables


    Product Details :

    Digital X-Ray product range
    COLENTA X-Ray Processors Type MEDIPHOT
    MEDIPHOT X-RAY Accessories
    MEDIPHOT X-Ray Consumables


    NDT Processors                                                                           NDT Container



    Product Details :

    COLENTA NDT Dryer 37
    X-Ray Filmprocessor: Type INDX 900e
    Industrial X-Ray Processors
    Industrial X-Ray Processors (2)
    Industrial X-Ray Processors (3)
    COLENTA NDT Containers

  • IL-PCB Film Processors 37 - 110 NG /NGs

    The Colenta IL-PCB Filmprocessor range is a fully automatic “dry to dry” processing system designed for reliable processing of all types of common used PCB films. The processor incorporates a non opposed roller transport systemhas been produced to ensure minimal contact with the filmemulsion and has a series of intermediate wash water crossovers which safely transfer the filmbetween each stage of processing to produce high quality PCB images requiring the minimum of operator involvement.

    All Colenta PCB Film Processing Equipment is proven to reliably handle all PCB films supplied from all major film manufacturers

    PCB Widetrack Film Processors



    Datasheet NG/NG
    Leaflet NG/NGs


    Our Colenta PCB film processors are well established with a proven reputation for quality production, reliable performance and long life operation.

    Standard Features and accessories:

    ** Removable flat feed table
    ** upgradable on site for higher processsing capacity
    ** Touch Free detection and areameasurement of all material entering the processor
    ** Filmarea based precise replenishment of all chemical solutions
    ** Low level monitoring in all processing tank solutions.
    ** External filters for DEV / FIX & WASH
    ** Filter ChangeAlert.
    ** Automatic Standby and energy saving modes
    ** “Work in Progress” monitoring
    ** IntegratedReplenishment storage tanks with level control
    ** Prepared for connection to an external exhaust air facility
    wet section overview








    When required, a deeper tank rack set can be installed (at customer site) to provide higher processing capacity.


    eBox front






    Well organised, CE approved and easy maintainable electronic box


    rack side slantedview









    The centre track rollers have minimal contact with the filmemulsion.
    supply tank









    Slide-out tray for easy access to the replenishment & waste containers.

    filter section











    High efficient circulation inclusive external filter systems for DEV /FIX and WASH tanks

    WideTrack PCB Processors

    WideTrack PCB Processor 140/95 4-Tank
    ONLINE for UCAMCO BG7500

    The processor delivery incorporates all requiredOnline specifications to support the BG7500 in Online format. This includes a mechanical kit to connect the Barco exit bridge with the processor flat front as well as a signal interface to ensure a stabile work flow.

    140 pcb widetrack bg7500






    Datasheet 140 PCB ONLINE for UCAMCO BG7500