• S Series

    Max. Test Area: 24×20″(610x510mm)
    8 Probe Full Floating System
    MicroCraft’s revolutionary Linear Guide Motion System, PDM, High speed measurement electronics coupled with the latest in Software optimization insures the fastest possible test.



    M Series


    Max. Test Area: 24×20″(610x510mm)
    Standard Model
    M-Series are high speed and accuracy Models. Supporting a wide range of capabilities from flexible circuits with unique clamping, to oversized backplanes.



    Max. Test Area: 32 x 24″(810x610mm)
    Large Model
    Supports back plane and large multiple layer board.


    H Series


    Max. Test Area: 15.7×13″(400x330mm)/24×20″(610x510mm)
    High Accuracy Model
    Designed for testing highly dense fine pitch boards like MCM, BGA, Flip Chip, etc.



    L Series


    Max. Test Area: 24×19.7″(610x500mm)
    Affordable Model
    This is the latest EMMA series affordable model that offers low damage, high-speed and high-accuracy test.



    A Series


    Max. Test Area: 9.8×13″(250x330mm)
    Flexible board dedicated model with Unloader.
    Two shuttles drives top and bottom sandwich plates. Bottom shuttle moves immediately back to original position after inspection makes overall process automated, efficient and fast.



    Max. Test Area: 15.7×13″(400x330mm)
    Medium and Mass Production Model with Auto Loader
    Utilizes in-line carrier system with the use of conveyor rail and can be integrated to various carrier lines.



    Max. Test Area: 24×18″(610x460mm)/24×20″(610x510mm)
    Medium and Mass Production Model with Auto Loader
    24 hour unattended Loader/Unloader is now available for the most demanding ELX/EMX testing environments. Automated stamping of OK and NG are available in panel and image modes.


    F Series


    Max. Test Area: 24×20″(610x510mm)
    Flat Bed Model for Flexible Boards
    Designed for testing flexible boards like COF, TAB, etc.


    Max. Test Area: 15.7×13″(400x330mm)
    Flat Bed Model for Flexible Boards
    Designed for testing flexible boards like COF, TAB, etc


    About MicroCraft


    MicroCraft, established in 1972, continues technological developments that keeps MicroCraft a world leader in product development and customer satisfaction.

    MicroCraft’s Moving Probe tester takes pride in becoming the industry-wide standard for electrical test worldwide. With a wide range of customers, MicroCraft satisfies all needs and requirements.

    MicroCraft now ventures in Drop on Demand Ink Jet Printers. For the last 5 years, MicroCraft has been working with key industry ink suppliers to bring Ink Jet technology to the world wide marketplace. JetPrint, now is ready to change the PCB industry imaging needs. By lowering costs, and improving yields, this product is sure to see the success of our testing products.

    In response to the worlds electronic needs, MicroCraft takes the challenge and continues to deliver beyond expectations.

    Local Support

    Providing customer with the right advice and therefor enhanced in productivity, is our priority! If there is any enquiries or support request, please contact us!



    JetPrint Series


    JetPrint Series is an on-demand inkjet printing system which can help you cut down the cost and manufacturing process. High speed digitalization is possible for etch resist, solder mask and legend printing.

    JetPrint allows high quality printing while eliminating process steps, reducing material and labor costs. MicroCraft offers the solution to win the quick turn, high-mix low-volume production market.



    Max. Printing Size: 24×20″(610x510mm)
    Max. Printing Size: 30.7×24″(780x610mm)On board UV pinning optimizes productivity with JetPrint. JetPrint allows fast and easy printing of single and doubled sided printing requirements. All this while lowering your printing costs.



    TDR tester allows high speed, high accuracy impedance measurement automatically from packages to high frequency boards.


    TDR Series


    Max. Test Area: 23.6×23.6″(600x600mm)
    Automated Single-Sided TDR Measurement System
    Single End and Differential impedance Measurements are available. MicroCraft’s unique Rotating Head and Neutralizing via static discharge are included. Automated version is available.



    Max. Test Area: 9.8×9.8″(250x250mm)
    TDR Measurement System with Auto-Loader
    Equipped with built-in auto loader and un-loader. Up to 50 units can be installed for automatic testing. Compact body for installation in limited space.



    Max. Test Area: 12.6×10.6″(320x270mm)/9.6×10.6″(230x270mm)
    Automated Double-Sided TDR Measurement System
    The TDR4033 incorporates a High Accuracy mechanical stage capable of testing fine pitch PCBs.With high-speed packaging right around the corner, the TDR3030 is ready for High Accuracy/Resolution type measurements.



    TDR Measurement Machine
    High performance/low cost MZPC can perform 30PS of rise time because of performance upgrade.



    Max. Test Area: 15.7×11.8″(400x300mm)/23.6×23.6″(600x600mm)
    Manual TDR Measurement Table
    Stable measurement with vertical contact ofprobe at constant pressure is possible. MZPC series can be connected for single end and differential impedance measurement.