CAD library solutions developed by PCB Libraries is used by over one hundred thousand PCB designers and engineers world-wide. The latest and greatest "PCB Library Expert" is designed to eliminate a vast amount duplication of effort wasted by - footprints and 3D models. We are a veteran-owned, privately-held small business - a culmination of decades of work, first started in 2003 with the bold vision of developing a “One World Standard PCB Library”.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality and most affordable PCB design solutions available, at the lowest cost possible. You get free auto-updates, free technical support, free training via videos, free discussion forum, and last but not least, NO yearly maintenance payment! We hope you will join us and be with us from the 'new beginning' as we start afresh on this venture.

PCB Libraries has bigger and better ideas, energized and motivated more than ever! We have started to roll out an unparalleled product, and soon a service that we hope will revolutionize the electronics manufacturing industry.

    • Output to format readable by Altium (PADS ASCII / .p and .d files)
    • Supports Altium Designer 13, 10, Summer 09, DXP 2004, DXP 2002
    • Creates footprints with arbitrary pad shapes and positions
    • Low cost & FASTEST return on investment
    • Get updates to 2013 for free!
    • NO maintenances fees!!
    • FREE training webinars as needed, one-on-one or group

    PLUS the following PCB Library Expert features:

    • 5,000 Unique manufacturer packages with datasheet web-links
    • Add and modify library documentation
    • User definable preferences or define and customize default rules
    • Save component dimensions to a library file
    • Search, edit, save functions for effective part library management
    • Specify or remove unique data fields as needed - for example:
      • Corporate Part Number
      • Schematic Symbol Name
      • Created By / Date
      • Purchased From
      • Bulk / Piece Price
      • DigiKey Part Number
      • Project Name
      • etc... (no limit!)

    PLUS all the features of the FREE Library Expert "Lite" edition, which include:

    • Pin rename & renumber
    • Calculate high resolution footprints directly from component dimensions
    • IPC-7351 compliant
    • Automate creation of component manufacturer recommended footprints
    • One-click rotate/mirror footprint, very useful for rapid LGA/BGA design
    • One-click pad shapes supported: Rectangle, Oblong, D-Shape, and Rounded Rectangle
    • Dynamic support for Imperial and metric - easily convert between mil and metric units
    • Convert units calculator
    • Apply rules to component families and component terminal lead types
    • User friendly GUI easy to learn
    • Padstack editor
    • Email & forum support

  • If you consider tolerance settings, units, line-widths, pad shapes, rotations, and the dozens of other settings (all configurable with the PCB Library Expert), you can create over 1,800 variations of ONE SINGLE library! We empower you to quickly build high-quality standard libraries to meet your specific needs.

    These approaches allow you to create editable associative models easily.


    5-Tier Density Variations Supported

    IPC A: Maximum (Most) Land Protrusion – For low-density product applications, the 'maximum' land pattern condition has been developed to accommodate wave or flow solder of leadless chip devices and leaded gull wing devices. The geometry furnished for these devices, as well as inward and "J" - formed lead contact device families, may provide a wider process window for reflow solder processes as well.

    IPC B: Median (Nominal) Land Protrusion – Products with a moderate level of component density may consider adapting the 'median' land pattern geometry. The median land patterns furnished for all device families will provide a robust solder attachment condition for reflow solder processes and should provide a condition suitable for wave or reflow soldering of leadless chip and leaded Gull Wing type devices.

    PC C: Minimum (Least) Land Protrusion – High component density typical of portable and hand-held product applications may consider the 'minimum' land pattern geometry variation. Selection of the minimum land pattern geometry may not be suitable for all product use categories. The use of classes of performance 1, 2, and 3 is combined with that of component density levels A, B, and C in explaining the condition of an electronic assembly. As an example, combining the description as Levels 1A or 3B or 2C, would indicate the different combinations of performance and component density to aid in understanding the environment and the manufacturing requirements of a particular assembly.

    User-defined preferences. Companies can establish a standard set of preferences to apply to all users of the PCB Library Expert! Settings include:

    • Units (Mils, Micrometers, Inches and Millimeters)
    • Pad Shape (Rectangle, Oblong, D-Shape or Rounded Rectangle)
    • Rotation (Pin 1 Up, Left, Right or Down)
    • Origin (Centric or Pin 1)
    • Environment Level (Least, Nominal or Most)
    • Silkscreen Line Width and Pad to Silkscreen Gap
    • Minimum Pad to Pad Gap or Pad to Thermal Pad Gap
    • Paste Mask Reduction for Thermal Pads
    • Solder Mask Swell or Solder Mask Defined Pads
    • Map Silkscreen and Assembly to Nominal body or Maximum Body
      Component manufacturer-recommended footprint.

  • The Library Expert is fully IPC-7351C compliant and the only tool distributed by IPC. Why is this important? Because the Library Expert ensures that everybody - regardless of experience or language - can build high-quality parts the same way. We are an IPC Member, but have also been involved with IPC for many years, proactive in standards development.

    If you are still on IPC-7351 "B", no worries - you get the default configuration file for the "B" revision as well!

    Get the PDF or printed copy of the IPC standard! If you want to reference the IPC-7351B standard to see how the three tiers are calculated, it is available from IPC in printed and electronic (PDF) format.

  • Single User License

    This license entitles you to install and run the software on one local computer. This solution is ideal for the PCB design contractor or companies with one PCB designer. The Single User is licensed on USB key (purchases after Dec 1, 2012), and can be easily moved to any computer as needed. Contracting and always changing computers? No problem!!

    Network License

    The Network License is available for up to 250 users. The Network License is ideal for scenarios where you have multiple CAD formats, different users need to easily access the license.

    Risk-free Purchase

    Before you purchase anything, you can evaluate the software to see how it works for you. It only takes minutes to evaluate! Contact Us if you have any questions or prefer a walk-through!

    • Windows 8, 7, or Vista
    • Intel Pentium 4, AMD or Dual Core Processor, 1.6 GHz or Higher
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
    • 512MB or Higher
    • 1024 x 768 VGA with True Color

  • The Library Expert Product Page is available in several different languages:


     Download Now!!

    Download and install the Evaluation License for the PCB Library Expert to see for yourself how it can benefit you! Feel free to contact us or any of our world-wide distributors with questions or to request no-obligation demos!