Ucamco - Ledia

Ledia  - Direct Imaging technology from SCREEN

Produced by SCREEN in Japan, a leading PCB equipment manufacturer, and with over 620 systems sold, the Ledia Direct Imaging system delivers field-proven reliability and throughput. Seven out of ten of the largest global PCB manufacturers work with Ledia.

This workhorse is available in Europe exclusively through Ucamco, with 27 installations. Ledia is supported by Ucamco's local network of highly skilled engineers and with a local spare parts stock, resulting in unbeatable uptime.


Ledia Series

Ledia 6 Hyper

Ledia 6 Hyper 

New high-power model with 3 wavelength optics and up to 30% higher throughput.

Ledia 6 Hyper

Ledia 6

New model with 3 wavelength light source.                                                  

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