About ACAD Solutions

ACAD Solutions Sdn Bhd was established  in 2014, with the mission to serve as the leading software solution provider and authorized training center in CAD/CAM for AEC and MEP industries.  

Our commitment to quality training and cutting-edge solutions reflects our dedication to making a significant impact in the corporate market. 

At ACAD Solutions, we continually explore the latest trends to stay at the forefront of the industry and better serve our customers

To date, ACAD Solutions has regional offices located in Singapore (HQ), Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

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ACAD Solutions Sdn Bhd

Leading with innovative solutions

We serve you from 6 different countries

Singapore (Headquarter)

PCB GraphTech Pte Ltd


ACAD Solutions  Sdn Bhd
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East Space Light Electronics Technology Co. Ltd


PCB GraphTech  Inc.


PT Solidbase Technology


PCB GraphTech Vietnam Co., LTD


ACAD Solutions Sdn Bhd is an
Authorized Software Reseller

We at ACAD Solutions serve you with the top edge software solutions from our partners no matter what industry you are in. from electronic circuit design all the way to Architecture and rendering.

Buy from ACAD Solutions to get the best Local Customer Support and avoid any hidden fee or additional withholding tax.

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Our Business Services


EMI/EMC Simulation | 5G Antenna Design | Signal Integrity | PCB Thermal Analysis

Software Training

Altium Designer | EMScanner | Lumion | Ucamco | GstarCAD | D5 Render | Siemens Solid Edge | EMIStream Extensions & more

Software Solutions 

Altium Designer | ECAD | 2D/3D CAD | 3D Modelling | 3D Rendering | EMI Design Rule Checker | Plane Resonance Analyzer & more

Hardware Solutions 

EMScanner | RFScanner | EMProbe | MicroCraft | Ucamco | Walter Lemmen

ACAD Solutions Sdn Bhd is a
Authorized Training Centre in Malaysia

We are here to cultivate you with better learning opportunities. 

Having 9 years of experience in this industry, ACAD Solutions is an authorized software centre with industrial experts, software distributor, solution provider that help to elevate your product knowledge.

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Why Choose Us For Your Next Training?

Train and Improve your skills with us and get certified!

Authorized Certified Trainers

Qualified trainers with Industry Experts to guide you

Focused Class Size

One to one Trainer to Trainee Session

Over 9 years of experience

We have been a software solution provider in CAD/CAM industries since 2014.

In-class and Online Training

We also provide Customized Trainings.

Training Manuals and Light Refreshments

FREE 30 days software license after the training

Fully Equipped Training Room

Following health protocol and safe-distancing measures


With practical projects

Focus on Customer Support

We are committed to provide an excellent customer service

Local Customer Support

We provide you with an excellent customer service without the need to wait for another time-zone.

Innovation Empowered Excellence

Driven by our mission to provide you with quality training and powerful software solutions that make a significant impact on the corporate market, our staff, influenced by technology trends, relentlessly updates their technical skills and industry knowledge to better serve you.

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