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Aim to respond to the market changes and your business challenges, ACAD offers the best solutions ranging from software to hardware.   


We aspire to be the top choice for software training center in Malaysia. Our certification training center focuses on training quality that gives the knowledge and mastery of the software to increase the competence of individuals.


As a complete solution provider, our team is dedicated to assisting the customer to find fitting solutions to curb with complex issues,  cost-solutions and support to help their business growth. 


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Latest Blogs

04 December
Analysis of Radiated Emission Testing
In this video, you will learn about radiated emission testing by using EMScanner. Radiated emission testing is used to measure the electromagnetic ...
30 October
Design Reuse with Altium Designer
Getting your products to market on time is paramount. Reusing well-proven, qualified design content can save you time, increase productivity, and re...
26 October
Good vs Bad Board Analysis
In this video you will learn about good versus bad board layout by using the filter circuit. The short layout circuit has less return path current c...
14 October
Simulation and Analysis with Altium Designer
Did you know that Altium Designer has a built-in simulation tool that can save your time!? Designers can do simulation on the same data as they are ...

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