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Setting the New Standard in Electronics Design

Altium Designer 24 is poised to elevate electronics design to unprecedented levels with significant emphasis on enhancing efficiency, fostering collaboration, and overcoming the ever-growing challenges of complex product designs.

PCB CoDesign

Dramatically compress design cycles and accelerate the overall design process, which is required to help meet scheduling milestones, significantly reduce layout time, and achieve faster time to market. Real-time notifications and comparison tools ensure quick conflict resolution.

Ansys CoDesign

Streamline design changes between layout and simulation with the ability to seamlessly exchange data with Ansys, communicate and implement design changes based on simulation results, and access simulation reports without having to leave Altium Designer.

New Constraint Manager

Ensure adherence to design rules and constraints, reducing costly errors and revisions. Constraint manager optimizes workflows, minimizes risks, and lowers production costs in the fast-paced electronic design landscape.

Harness MCAD CoDesign

Optimize harness implementation and detect potential problems for wiring in electronic enclosures by keeping harness designs synchronized between Altium Designer and PTC Creo® and Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS®. Easily import 3D wire harness models into multi-board assemblies.

Harness & Multi-Board System Design

Prevent costly manufacturing errors with automated design checks when working on complex harnesses. Design multiple PCBs and harnesses in a single environment, facilitating accurate system design communication to manufacturing. Automatically generate documentation and bill of materials for harness components.

Perpetual License or Term-Based License

Altium Designer can be purchased as a Perpetual License or Term-Based License. Single seat or more, unlimited term licenses of any product types. 

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