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    BricsCAD - the AutoCAD® alternative

    One Design Platform for everyone

    All product levels of BricsCAD are built on a single design platform offering 6 functional toolsets

    BricsCAD is built for YOU

    You have more options than you think

    BricsCAD® Lite
    High-performing, compatible and concise 2D drafting and detailing

    CAD Platform

    2D Drafting

    BricsCAD® Pro
    Powerful, intuitive and interoperable 2D/3D CAD and modeling

    All the Lite Features &

    3D Modeling


    Point Clouds

    BricsCAD® BIM
    AI-driven BIM built on a compatible 2D and 3D design platform

    All the Pro Features &

    BIM Toolsets

    BricsCAD® Mechanical
    Mechanical design and drafting combined with intelligent 2D, 3D and modeling

    All the Pro Features &

    Mechanical Toolsets

    Make BricsCAD your own

    BricsCAD offers a rich application ecosystem  and powerful
    acustomization options to supercharge user workflows

    Add industry-specific toolsets with 3rd party applications

    Extend your design reach with hundreds of industry-specific solutions that run on BricsCAD.

    Add industry-specific toolsets with 3rd party applications

    Design and build your own workflow automation tools using BricsCAD’s compatible APIs.

    Add industry-specific toolsets with 3rd party applications

    Reuse existing or create new LISP routines to bring new power to your workflows in BricsCAD.

    Add industry-specific toolsets with 3rd party applications

    Customize menus and user interfaces, migrate legacy customizations from AutoCAD®, or use a BricsCAD’s pre-defined workspace.

    if you are using other CAD software today,
    then you can be an expert in BricsCAD in one day

    Interoperability without compromise

    BricsCAD lets you exchange design data freely across all project stakeholders and all major file formats.

    Available for  

    Default supported file formats

    *included in BricsCAD Lite, Pro, BIM, Mechanical and Ultimate

    Extra BIM file formats

    *included in BricsCAD BIM and Ultimate

    Extra 3D & Mechanical file formats

    *requires an extra-cost module Communicator for BricsCAD

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