On-demand InkJet Printing System

Industry's First On Demand InkJet Printing System.

MicroCraft's innovative system offers the option of digitalizing conventional production process to achieve improved print quality, cost reduction, and reduced environmental risk

CraftPix  is a UV curing type inkjet printer which completes the task of both printing and curing of the ink in one machine. With successfully minimizing the production cost to extreme, CraftPix helps create added value to the products to assist winning increasing opportunities.

CraftPix's 4 Leading Innovations

InkJet Printing System

01. Digitalization

CraftPix is capable of printing images directly onto the target material with precise accuracy. With its fully digitalized printing process, operators now gain greater flexibility in making small changes and fixes to their printing job until the very last minutes. In addition, assigning serial number and 2D barcode is also an option to ensure reliable product traceability.

InkJet Printing System

02. High Quality

CraftPix has accomplished the high speed printing of legend, solder resist, and etch-resist ink while maintaining the industry's finest print accuracy. Existing unique warpage on each of the production boards can be corresponded accordingly by our automatic digital data correction to guarantee greater accuracy. Each of our CraftPix models has the option of printing in multiple types of resolution to offer most suitable resolution for the specific ink and board material used by our customers.

InkJet Printing System

03. Cost Saving

Another major advantage of installing CraftPix is the drastic cut down in production cost. There are many advantages to direct image printing that is equipped with a simultaneous curing process. Equipment such as squeegees, screens, exposure machines, and even some chemical solutions that were required in conventional process is no longer be needed. Furthermore, eliminating the need of placing UV exposure in production line helps improve the productivity.

InkJet Printing System

04. Environmental Friendly

Solvent is not required when using the Craftpix’s digital printing system thus reducing the risk of environmental pollution. Automatic Ink Recycling system equipped in CraftPix also contributes to the environmental protection and cost saving by reducing the percentage of wasted ink in process like nozzle cleaning to less than 1%.

High Quality User Interface and

Product Design Successfully Minimized Stress-Free Operation

Functionality & Design

InkJet Printing System

CraftPix was developed with a series of detailed studies that concentrate on ease of use making it user friendly to every operator. This highly polished product offers stress free operation to all of our users. Large-size touch panel screen interface together with its user friendly icons provides easy to see and simple operative module where operators can instinctively figure out the usage. As an added feature, just like a smart phone, you’re able to pinch, drag and zoom directly on the screen!