Power Integrity Analysis at Design Time
Quickly identify and fix problems without the need to rely on expensive experts, or
creating prototypes.

Power Analyzer, by Keysight Technologies, is a new extension application for the Altium Designer user interface that gives designers sophisticated power analysis capabilities without any specialized training. With just a few clicks, you can quickly assess the integrity of your power distribution network.

The roadmap for Power Analyzer includes a variety of different analysis tools. Currently, we offer DC analysis, and in the future we plan to offer AC analysis and more.

Interactive voltage and current probing
Design confidently, knowing that you have accurate power measurements for your designs. Power Analyzer makes it easy to measure voltage, current density, or via current at any point, single-ended or differentially between two points, right in Altium Designer. View your results and make adjustments as you design.
Sophisticated DC Power Analysis - no PhD required
Quickly identify and resolve your DC voltage and current density issues during your board layout process without prior DC analysis experience.

Simple and intuitive visualization tools
Power Analyzer provides you with a simple and intuitive way to see your voltage and current density distribution, current direction, and "hotspots." Results are displayed right in the Altium Designer PCB editor, so you can see how your power nets interact with the rest of your design.
Simultaneous multi-network simulations
Simulate multiple voltages at once and get a more accurate picture of your design. Our unique Voltage Regulator Models (VRMs) let you capture interactions between power networks while simplifying setup and speeding up simulation time.

Configurable reporting for quick insights
Configurable HTML reports make it easy to keep a record of your simulation work, including voltage and current margins, power consumption data, and custom screenshots. With sortable tables and an intuitive interface, you'll be able to get the information you need quickly and easily.