EMI Design Rule Checker: Ensuring EMC Compliance

EMI Design Rule Checker is a powerful software extension offered by EMIStream, designed specifically to assist engineers and designers in ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance in their electronic designs. It serves as an essential tool for identifying and mitigating electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues during the design phase, ultimately leading to more reliable and compliant products.

EMI Design Rule Checker

This function provides advice related to scanned components, traces, and plane location.  EMIStream's 15 rule check items are boiled down from a huge amount of historical know-how about EMI suppression countermeasures and have been verified by NEC Laboratory and local and overseas university researchers with a logical background.  In this way, EMIStream utilizes the most valuable items for real-world PCB design

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Key Features

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New AI Feature

You can narrow EMI check results down to significant errors using an AI that has learned EMC Experts’ know-how of design review. This function allows you to shorten the review time, and suppress variations in design quality.

Error Filtering Feature

This function allows you to filter errors and hone in on critical problems relevant to your design. The Design Rule list lets you look at certain rules of your choice as well as narrow down the frequency range (of the nets). The Error Point list is organized by number of error points, which also gives you the frequency range columns. You can customize the frequency and error point ranges.

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EMI Check Report Generation

You can export EMI Check results in an Excel format. It displays the error, the location on PCB, and advice on how to fix the problem. This is very useful when sharing results with fellow engineers or an outsourcing design bureau. You can edit comments and customize the report to fit your needs.

Estimated Radiation Display

The frequency spectrum chart display of estimated radiated electromagnetic field allows you to see the problematic frequency range at a glance. The Expert Option lets you to set the IC rise time and damping/termination resistor value for individual nets and override the global value that is set in the parameter. By putting in specific parameters for nets, you can get more accurate results.

Why Choose EMIStream Extension?

Comprehensive Solution

It provides a comprehensive set of tools to address a wide range of EMI challenges, ensuring that your designs are EMC-compliant.

Expert Support

Benefit from our expert support team, ready to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter.

Efficiency & Ease of Use

Save time and resources by detecting and resolving EMI issues early in the design phase. It is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly into your existing design workflow.

Whether you're an electronics engineer, designer, or a professional in the field of EMC, EMIStream with its EMI Design Rule Checker and Plane Resonance Analyzer extensions can significantly enhance your ability to create EMC-compliant designs.

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