Public Release Notes for Altium Designer 22.7.1
Build number: 60

Altium Designer Version 22.7.1
Build: 60 Date: 19 July 2022

The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium Designer 22.3.1 Build 43.


44042 - A specific project was experiencing slow performance when moving net labels on its source schematics.
48090 - Improved performance when copying and pasting a component using the Shift+Click&Drag feature.


49057 - You can now change the layer for a length tuning object through the Properties panel, using the new Layer property. (BC:6977)
50197 - Export of a folded rigid-flex board to Parasolid would hang/crash if the slot hole of a pad resided completely within the bend region.
50279 - An error would occur when copying a PCB Library component that included a counterhole pad.
50358 - In Gerber and 3D views, countersink pads were not connecting to internal planes with the same net, when the Power Plane Connect Style was set to Direct.


50431 - Incorrect drawing order meant that Annotation objects were being overlapped by any other placed view. (BC:12369)


50122 - The list of documents in a grouped tab of the Documents Bar is now sorted alphabetically. (BC:17490)
50501 - The software was being closed by Windows when dragging and dropping documents between application window instances.

50515 - Adjusted the use of colloquial/old English text on the Extensions & Updates page of the UI. (BC:18734)

Data Management

47387 - When using the mention feature in a comment, the pop-up list was only using email for its search. It now populates with suggestions based on username and email.
49857 - Enhanced PDF report of the comments in a design, including Task-related details and active links to Altium 365's Web Viewer interface.
49864 - Added support for switching a repository from using SSH connection protocol to HTTPS (if supported by that repository), when making a project available online. (BC:16009)
50549 - The active Project Group (*.DsnWrk) document was not being saved when exiting the software. (BC:18812)
50556 - A crash would occur when trying to open a project, created through the Altium 365 Platform Interface, from the Explorer panel for the first time.
50650 - 'Git repository not found' error would sometimes appear, with respect to an external project document that had been added to a Workspace project.
50767 - The repository structure validation has been disabled for the time being to not block project commits. (BC:18625)
50934 - Placement of components from a Workspace Library was not possible if the time format on the PC included '.' ( instead of ':' (hh:mm:ss).

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Public Release Notes for Altium Designer 22.3.1
Build Number: 43