Renesas goes all in on Altium PCB tools and cloud
Renesas goes all in on Altium PCB tools and cloud platform

Altium is excited to announce that Renesas Electronics, a prominent semiconductor company, is streamlining their PCB design and development processes by standardizing on Altium's PCB design tools and cloud platform, Altium 365.

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Renesas currently employs multiple PCB design tools across the company, in part because different companies that Renesas has acquired over the past several years have brought their own legacy software into the company. These include Dialog Semiconductor, Panthronics, Celeno and IDT.

 As Renesas integrates components from these different groups into system solutions as reference designs, a uniform PCB design tool will streamline board designs used for demonstrating and evaluating these Winning Combinations and all other product kits, resulting in reduced complexity, improved cost structure and faster time to market.
Read more in Renesas Press Release

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