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Learn about the new features, enhancements, and importantchanges introduced to the latest Altium Designer.

Update 22.8

 Design Reuse Functionality

  Data Management Improvements

  Take the enhanced functionality of Reuse Blocks for a spin in this release,      with the ability to place a block (or schematic snippet) as a sheet symbol.        Your proven circuitry is placed on an auto-generated child sheet.


 Mark Multiple Components as   Fitted/Not Fitted

  Schematic Capture Improvements

  With this release it becomes even easier to work with multi-variant design       projects. Now you can select multiple components for the active variant          and mark them as Fitted/Not Fitted in a single action.


 Custom Pad Shapes

  PCB Improvements

  Modern components often contain pads that are complex in shape. This          release of Altium Designer gives you the ability to create custom pad              shapes  quickly and easily, with management similar to that of standard          pads.


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Public Release Notes for Altium Designer 22.7.1
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