D5 Render 2023 Wrap-Up
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D5 AI: Make Creation Easier & More Efficient

Thank you for making the past 2023 truly wonderful! Let’s reflect on the innovations and achievements of the year gone by.


Happy New Year our beloved D5 users! How was your 2023? Bursting with awesome renderings and achievements, we hope! Today, as we recap the highlights of D5 Render in the past year, get ready for a sneak peek into the cool things we'll be bringing in the new year to help you incorporate AI into your rendering process for more efficient creation. Ready? Let's get started!

D5 AI: Make Creation Easier & More Efficient

What's stealing the show in the new year? Without a doubt, it's artificial intelligence! Ideas, materials, styles, just one click away. D5 has gone live in April 2023 with D5 Hi to help you generate images and get inspiration. Furthermore, the groundbreaking AI features in D5 2.6 play a pivotal role in propelling your rendering productivity to new heights, making visualization effortlessly for you.

  • AI-Generated Material Texture Maps: Algorithms automatically generates normal, roughness and height channel maps according to the base color map of the material.

  • AI Atmosphere Match:  No need to worry about setting adjustments, upload reference images and snap views, AI will generate similar styles with one click.

D5 Knows You Better: All in One Solution

Over the past year, D5 Render has introduced three major version updates and several comprehensive upgrades, each geared towards providing creators with a more efficient and seamless experience.

2023.2 -  D5 2.4 introduced 34 new features and optimizations, including New D5 GI, Subsurface scattering material, Z-depth.


2023.5 -  DLSS 3 supported in D5 Render, bringing a new real-time experience to architects, designers and 3D artists, improving the efficiency and overall experience of the creative process.

2023.8 -  D5 2.5 came with 35 new features and improvements, including Real-time Caustics, LiveSync for SketchUp, Presets in D5 Studio, and Section Tool.


2023.8 -  D5 for Teams released. The first real-time collaboartive tool for architecture/design teams to facilitate resource sharing, streamline the entire creative process, and improve team efficiency. Connect, Collaborate, Create, all in one place.

‍2023.9 -  D5 for Education allows every student/educator to apply on their own! Once the application gets approved, your account will automatically upgrade from D5 Community to D5 Edu.   Free access to all features and over 12,500 free assets at your fingertips. Apply now!

2023.10 -  200+ new Global Plants for Better Landscape Architecture Design.

D5 is your ultimate toolbox, with a constantly updated D5 Asset library. See more asset updates: New Animated Plants, Commercial Street Aseets.

2023.12 -  D5 2.6 integrated 38 features and enhancements, and also included 267 new assets such as HDRIs, Character Models, and Futuristic Particles, designed to provide users with even more creative possibilities.


Growing Together with Community and the Industry

We always keep focusing on what is up to us: building, innovating, putting users first. Thanks to your reviews, D5 Render is dominating the G2 Grid in Architectural Rendering, boasting top user satisfaction and an impressive momentum score!

The support and love from the D5 community is greatly appreciated. The expanding community and thrilling community events are also noteworthy in 2023. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Interior Challenge, Share Your Story, D5 Awards Program and more. Enjoy the sparkling renderings from our community.

Hey there! D5 Awards Program is still in full swing, so don't miss out! Join to show your exceptional designs and get rewarded.

We are actively expanding our community globally, and connecting with you from all over the world.

2023.10  D5 Render Attends ASLA 2023 Conference to Redefine Landscape Architecture with Real-time Rendering and AI Integration.

2023.11  We are thrilled to showcase D5 Render at Autodesk University 2023 in Las Vegas! As we venture into more events like this in the new year, we look forward to seizing exciting opportunities to network, learn, and innovate with the industry's best.

Looking forward

No matter what 2024 brings, we are prepared. D5 Render has a stellar team of diverse and mission-driven professionals, talented developers, passionate artists, an expert management suite, and more importantly, the support of global users from the D5 community.

The future of design will be filled with even more innovation and challenges, fuelled by artificial intelligence. Please look forward to the brand new 2024, and work side by side with the more powerful and intelligent D5 Render to achieve better visualization and unlock unlimited possibilities.

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