On-demand InkJet Printing System


CraftPix has superior mechanical attributes that has made high production performance possible.

Exceptional attributes accomplished high speed and accurate printing with maintaining low environmental risk.

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UV Curing Lamp (Hi speed immediate curing)

Ink is instantly cured while printing with on-head UV lamp (LED UV *1 ). Additional offline UV curing is not required. CPE comes with 8 and CPQ with 4 LED UV lamps on the printhead.

*1 LED UV lamp to be mounted depends on the ink to be used.

Automatic Ink Recycling

All inks used during print head maintenance and purging are recycled using our automatic closed loop system. *2 This minimizes ink waste to less than 1%. Not only does this save money, but is environmentally friendly. CPT model is equipped with 2 recycle systems in order to support recycling of 2 different types of inks. (System is not included in CPS.)

*2   Ink recycle system may be unusable depending on the ink selected.

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Head Maintenance System

The print array surface is now cleaned with automatic lint free roller. Conventional manual cleaning procedures are no longer required with fully automated system, which delivers a clean wipe to clean the print head.

Nozzle surface is cleaned with a roll of cleaning wipes. This eliminates the need of tedious manual replacement of cleaning wipes, and automatically rolls the dirty wipes and supplies fresh ones. The wipe removes ink droplets and dust off the nozzle surface with a light touch that does not damage the print head. This helps maintain the condition of the nozzle surface in a stable manner.

A: “Purge station” for maintenance by suction method.
B: “Wipe station” for cleaning the nozzle surface.

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Automated Air Purge System

Automated air purge system using high pressure helps prevent nozzle clogging. This operation can be implemented while machine is idle, such as when the operator is swapping panels so that print time is not affected.

High Contour and Thick Trace Printing

Drop on demand inkjet printing allows uneven surface printing (difference of approximately 400+ µm) while conventional silk screen system fails with big stepping and skips printing.

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