Landscape Architecture


Create life-like landscapes with details only found in nature itself

Let the world in on your ideas

Fast, easy, and intuitive.

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No matter the region or climate you're designing for, Lumion makes it easy to add real-life context, shape entire landscapes, or import accurate topography for any project.

You can quickly create mountains and rolling hills or raise, lower, or flatten your terrain. In just one click, you can even add an ocean or change the overall style of your landscape to match a specific geographical region.

Render your landscape
designs  into reality

Whatever you imagine you can render in Lumion.


Designed to save you time

Need to add environmental context, fast? With the paint placement tool, it only takes a sweep of the mouse to build your desired landscape.

Effortlessly scatter hundreds of trees, shrubs, and other nature items across your scene as if you're painting a picture.

Natural realism at your fingertips

Discover the largest detail-rich library of nature items. From the smallest weeds to mightiest trees,

Lumion helps you capture the vitality of real-life landscapes.

Living Landscapes

No matter the project or environment you're designing for, Lumion makes it easy to combine the right nature items that will bring your landscapes to life.

An extension of your imagination

With Lumion, you’re in control of your ideas. Create stunning visualizations of every angle of your design at any point in your creative process.