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Design in the moment with real-time ray tracing

Elevate your creative process to new heights with Lumion 2024. Designed to enhance your workflow efficiency, Lumion 2024 empowers you to craft architectural designs with unmatched clarity, speed, and realism.

With fully ray-traced, true-to-life previews of every space you envision, Lumion 2024 provides immediate visual feedback on every design decision you make.

In this latest release, the ray tracing effect has been expanded to work seamlessly with 2,200+ nature items, translucent materials, and colored glass. With a single click, you’ll see trees and greenery vividly reflected in glass and water, the soft glow of sunlight diffused through a curtain, and vibrant, patterned shadows cast by stained glass.

And that's not all. With more than 5x faster video rendering times for similar quality, you’ll be able to create stunning animations and presentations in record time compared to the previous version.

There’s a lot to unpack in the latest version, so let’s dive right in. Start by checking out our Lumion 2024 highlights video below.


Real-time ray tracing
Cutting through the noise

Lumion 2024 introduces a real-time denoiser in photo and movie mode, so you can spend less time waiting for previews to load and more time refining your designs.

You can now see near-instant previews of your renderings, giving you real-time feedback for faster design decisions.

Rendering speed

5x faster ray-traced videos

In Lumion 2024, you can now achieve comparable quality output with ray tracing using far fewer samples than in the previous version.

This means significantly reduced video rendering times, making it easier to incorporate realistic, dynamic animations in your design evaluations and project presentations.

Harness the power of nature

Whether you’re designing a landscape, placing a building within its environmental context, or embellishing an interior scene, nature provides an unparalleled means of creating convincing and inviting visual experiences.

With 2,200+ nature models now fully ray traced in the Lumion library, you can accurately portray how vegetation interacts with light. From the sunlight filtering through leaves to reflections of trees mirrored in glass facades, every shadow and reflection works together to reveal the true beauty of natural elements, making your visual narratives as convincing as they are captivating.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Fully ray-traced glass

Use the ray tracing effect to enhance minute details of glass, create intriguing patterns, and reproduce subtle variations naturally found in objects.

See how light interacts with glass surfaces and discover how realistic reflections, refractions, and shadows automatically reveal themselves. Or paint with light and color using tinted glass materials.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Colored glass


Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Fine-tune glass like  never before

With the new and updated glass properties, you can go a step further in refining details. 

Define the thickness of your objects’ surface with the emulated thickness slider. Control the amount of light absorbed with the absorption slider. And adjust the index of refraction that appears with the improved distortion slider.

Going beneath the surface

Translucent materials like marble, polycarbonate, and textiles add subtlety and depth to your designs. How they interact with light can profoundly influence the ambiance of spaces, setting the mood and capturing attention.

Lumion 2024 makes it easy to enhance the appearance of translucent materials with subsurface scattering. Now compatible with ray tracing, you can capture the nuanced interplay of light on these surfaces with stunning accuracy, adding a heightened sense of depth, dimension, and realism. From the subtle diffusion of light through its surface to the depth and warmth it exudes, every characteristic can be easily revealed.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Explore the latest version for free

Get to know everything available in Lumion 2024 for free with a 14-day Lumion Pro trial.

The finest details of nature

Infuse instant vitality into your scenes with the new array of 100 fine-detail trees and plants.

Carefully curated to represent a diverse range of biomes and geographical regions, you’ll find models to suit any scene. Many species also come with multiple variations, including different stages of growth, to vividly illustrate passing time or changing seasons in your renderings.

Plus, fine-detail nature is now compatible with ray tracing, ensuring that every intricate detail – down to the last leaf – is showcased in breathtaking realism.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Parallax interiors

Save valuable time with 25 brand-new, pre-made parallax interiors. These offer a quick and easy way to add visual interest and complexity to your renders.

Choose from complete, ready-to-use templates themed around retail spaces, office environments, residential rooms, and hotel lobbies.

New characters

Incorporating lifelike characters into your renders is an effective way of showing how people might use, interact with, and navigate through the spaces you design.

With 45 new static characters added in Lumion 2024, you can easily contextualize your design.

This selection includes people of different backgrounds and in various positions, settings, and situations.

Take a closer look inside
The Lumion Library is your go-to resource for contextualizing any scene. With a total of 9,496 assets available in Lumion Pro, you have an extensive collection of characters, objects, materials, nature items, and more.

In Lumion 2024, you'll discover brand-new models and materials that allow you to tell vivid stories and establish emotional connections with viewers.

Smoother landscapes

Ideal for sculpting terrains on a large scale, the new landscape tiling toggle in the material editor helps create smooth, seamless surfaces, eliminating visible tile outlines and enhancing realism.

Workflow improvements

The latest version of Lumion focuses on ensuring a smoother, more intuitive creative process, thanks to a range of usability, UI, and workflow enhancements.

The new vertical sidebar facilitates seamless navigation between photo, movie, and panorama modes, freeing up much-needed screen space for editing and previewing your scenes. Additional camera control and file importing options can help speed up your workflow. And new project templates and presets offer more creative options you can easily explore.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Custom camera controls

Seamlessly transition between your CAD software and Lumion by using the same control scheme. Settings added for SketchUp, Revit, and Rhino.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Batch importing

Speed up your workflow by importing multiple models simultaneously. Combine with the phasing effect to easily show how different design elements come together.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

gLTF file compatibility

Easily import gLTF file formats into your scene. These models are often lighter than other formats and also support the PBR workflow.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Grid overlays

Create harmonious and visually pleasing compositions with the help of new grid overlays that adhere to established design principles.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

New example project

Explore the Museum Pavilion by Obra Visual which features ray-traced glass, subsurface scattering, and parallax interiors.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

8 new preset styles

Instantly balance light, color, depth, and dimension. These easy-to-use templates are designed to save you time, and can transform a render in just one click.

How to get Lumion 2024

Lumion 2024 is available as a free upgrade for all active Lumion subscribers. Simply download the latest version via the built-in software updater tool. Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to install Lumion 2024.

If you're new to Lumion, you can always try Lumion Pro for free , or simply check our subscription plans below.

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