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Working in partnership with our customers, we’ve added more than 500 enhancements to the latest release of Solid Edge – supporting modern product development processes, allowing you to do more with your resources and enabling new ways of working.

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What's New in Solid Edge 2022?

Solid Edge 3D design usability enhancements

Additional usability enhancements to Solid Edge 3D design include:

Predefines relationships in the part environment for consumption in the assembly environment, allowing users to intelligently assemble commonly used parts faster and with less effort.

Subdivision bridge allows for the easy creation of different types of bridges. Offset is useful for dividing faces without the need for extensive cage splitting. Align to curve moves cage vertices to match existing shapes or to design new shapes using hand-drawn curves. Lift support for laminar edges creates new faces when laminar edges are lifted.

No more building gussets by hand. Create gusset plates as internal components on both assembly components and frames.

Visual indication for out-of-date FOA members.

Faster creation of these systems as a single relationship.

Adds additional predefined curves; provides dynamic preview of curve as equations and para

Decals may be passed to KeyShot for rendering.

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