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The 3-day course will cover exercises to provide hands-on experience with the application. Students will gain a solid grounding in the tool features and best practices essential for success. 

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This 3-day course is aimed for user who has laid a firm foundation through Altium Designer Basic Level Training. The main objective is to enable participants to use Altium Designer to drive their skill forward and require the more advanced features to efficiently tackle more complex design challenges. 

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This 1-day course will explore all facets of the simulation environment provided in Altium Designer. Walking the student through the process of linking models, setting up and exploring the simulation analysis available, and understanding the various methods for observing and capturing the results.

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This Printed Circuit Design Course is tailored for beginners who want to learn how to design PCBs from scratch to the manufacture stage. It is a one-day course suitable for designers with no prior experience with the software.

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              1. Altium Designer Basic Training
              13 - 15 August 2024 (3 Days) /
              02 - 04 Sept 2024 (3 Days)
              2.  Altium Designer Advance Training
              27 - 29 August 2024 (3 Days)
              3.  Altium Designer Simulation Training
              1 Day Course (on-demand)
              4.   PCB Design Course for Beginners
              1 Day Course (on-demand)
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