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Final finishes, protective layers

Final finishes, protective layers
Organic, chemical or galvanic protective layers serve to protect the end surfaces of printed circuit boards from oxidation and corrosion. Special system technology in connection with high-quality process chemistry guarantee a high-quality surface finish of printed circuit boards.

As an additional process step

The final surface treatment of the different circuit board variants can be integrated into the COMPACTA device series as an additional process step.

The system structure is based on the protective layer variant and the respective process steps of the process chemistry.

AKTINA S series

COMPACTA MD with additional basin Chem. Nickel / Gold Chem. Zinn OSP

For the final surface treatment of printed circuit boards

LDI direct exposure

Special LDI technology in combination with a drawer vacuum system and versatile equipment guarantee optimal exposure results and short exposure times.

UV-P 50 series LDI

COMPACTA single device end surface chem. Nickel / gold chem. Tin OSP

UV-P 50 series LDI

PROTEC SN / PROTEC CH Single device end surface Chem. Zinn  OSP  

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