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Architectural design rendering

Bring your structures to life with the greatest ease, in the highest quality

Made For Architects


Architectural visualization is more than just communicating a finished design. It's part of the creative process and it can be surprisingly inspiring and rewarding.

Lumion empowers you to fully express the vision driving your architectural projects, from the early stages of design development to the final client presentation. 

Easy to learn, satisfying to use, and quick to render, Lumion keeps you in your creative flow.

Simplify Your Workflow 


Model and render at the same time, make changes on the fly, and drive faster design decisions. 

Lumion is compatible with all major CAD or 3D modeling software and fits seamlessly into your workflow.  

Lumion LiveSync lets you create a real-time connection with your CAD software, making it easy to quickly render images, videos, or 360 panoramas while you fine-tune your design.

A world of possibilities

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Lumion is not a plug-in. It's a complete architectural rendering solution. Shape entire landscapes, control the lighting and weather conditions, apply and customize materials, and add detail with thousands of objects, characters, and nature items. Discover some of the ways Lumion enables you to bring your architectural designs to life.

Make surfaces feel real

Materials make buildings feel alive. They open up your senses and give spaces character. Lumion comes with thousands of high-quality materials that you can make your own with surface decals, weathering, soft edges, and more.

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Your materials, your way

Make your surfaces feel exactly as you envisioned them by importing, customizing, and creating any texture you can think of. 

Lumion 2023’s easy-to-use material editor lets you effortlessly control the texture, relief, roughness, reflectivity, metalness, opacity, or emissivity of your PBR materials.

Let the world in on your ideas

Whatever you imagine you can render in Lumion.

See your designs in a new light

Light impacts every detail of your architectural designs.

The new Lumion 2023 render engine combines rasterization with ray tracing techniques to give you greater control over your light, shadows, and reflections.

A world of context at your fingertips

Crafting a complete environment for your design is as easy as adding nature, objects & characters.

Fine-detail nature:  Enhance your renders with the most detail-rich 3D tree and plant models in the content library.

Communicate Your Designs

From conceptual to realistic

Choose from 8 different predefined styles to instantly balance light, depth, and realism.

Lumion also enables you to create custom effect stacks that you can easily reuse across projects, to give all your architectural renders a signature style.

Inspire at every angle

Embed life, color, and texture into your technical renderings.

With Lumion Pro, you can make stunning orthographic views with lively plans, sections, and elevations of your architectural design. 

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Tell a compelling story

Show the process behind your design’s development or construction through the power of animated phasing.

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Reveal your creativity

Compare multiple model and material variations and show different design solutions to guide the decision-making process.

Interior Design 

Visualize interior spaces as if they are ready to be lived or worked in

Landscape Architecture

Create lifelike landscapes with details only found in nature itself

Urban Planning

Show how communities will experience your urban designs.


Lumion is free for students and faculties around the world.

An extension of your imagination

With Lumion, you’re in control of your ideas. Create stunning visualizations of every angle of your design at any point in your creative process.